Now O' Clock

by Toxine

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Recorded in Italy in the remote village Padriče-Padriciano, under an antenna that placed heavy radiation upon us. It was rainy April and then May was sunny, but the greyness still dwelled... and then it was autumn again. I believe the year was 2014.


released October 1, 2015

BTM 019 (P) & (C) 2015 Blue Tattoo Music

Tomi Toth: vocals and noises
Samo Turk: guitar, glockenspiel and vocals
Jaša Hedžet: bass
Gregor Brajkovič: drums and vocals

Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Mitja Cerkvenik. Find more about his exceptional work:

Photo: Train of Toth
Graphic Design: Klemen V. Kajzer

Publishing: Blue Tattoo Music
Digital Distribution: Blue Tattoo Music

Find Toxine Here:


all rights reserved



Toxine Slovenia

Tomi Toth: vocals and noises
Samo Turk: guitars, vocals
Žiga Fabbro: saxophone, keyboards, vocals
Erik Čebokli: bass
Aleš Zorec: drums

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Track Name: Float Your Signifier!
Track Name: Budget Symphonia
We want to sing songs from the heart
But you don't like us like that
We have to fall apart
And play what they packed for you
And for us
You see, nobody is innocent
I'm doing it right now
The rhymes I speak, the melody you hear is old
You heard it a million times before
That's why you love
Hearing it and you want more

Nobody wants music
We are dancing on its grave
There is only ears for what
Has been sold before
So let's sell it yet again

Refrain, refrain, oh!
Love, don’t run away from love!
Refrain, refrain, oh!
Love, and love our refrains

Singy songy singy
Words words, jingle jingle tunes
Cliches, voulez-vous coucher avec moi?
True love, I'd die for you!
See what you made me do?!
If it sounds familiar
Doesn't have to make sense
Like sayin':

You and I
Together, forever
But she went with another guy

Refrain, refrain, oh!
Love, don’t run away from love!
Refrain, refrain, oh!
Love, and love our refrains

True love
I'd die for you
See what you made me do?!
True love
I'd die for you
Love, refrain!
Track Name: Toxins vs. Toxine
Am I the only one who thinks
most of us are victims
of a battle within?
No matter what we say is our thing.
As we go we put on a silly grin
to cover up our partitioning.
And when showed we are broken up like so,
we struggle to deny it.

Change seems to be the menace.
We need the help we don’t want to find.
Try ever new blindfolds,
yet the issue is always and only one

Veto the toxins and take in Toxine,
feed the bright side of your being.
You don’t need anything,
you’re complete within.

We walk through life,
and see it as a fight.
We speak: “I can’t”,
but we don’t want.
You know how you know
when you want?
It’s when you do.
Next time that you think that you want,
come back to me,
and get the recipe:

Veto the toxins and take in Toxine,
feed the bright side of your being.
You don’t need anything,
you’re complete within.

Veto the toxins and take in Toxine,
feed the bright side of your being.
You don’t need anything,
You’re pure within.

Veto the toxins and take in Toxine,
feed the bright side of your being.
You don’t need anything,
Cause you’re pure within.

Veto the toxins and take in Toxine,
feed the bright side.
You don’t need anyone, anything.

Veto the toxins and take in Toxine
Take in Toxine
Take in Toxine
Track Name: Metatune
Lotta songs say things we can’t relate to
but sexy jingles do their job quite nicely.
So we adjust to an idea that came with a neat tune
and then it’s on, we go along
and babble with whatever’s on, yeah!

This time we wanna go different.
We wanna play & sing a juicy song
and be sure that we’re doin’ you no wrong.
So there’s only one way we can go
and that is, ladies and gentlemen,
to speak to you About this very song.

So, you’ll notice this first boogie
is somewhat funkish...
Somewhat different, yet somewhat same
Neat, but not too sweet

And then change:

We make a pause, we start anew
We let the beat hesitate.
Not too much tho’
See, the musician knows there should be
no sudden breaks,
unless they’re sudden just enough.

And then we bring it back for ya
so you don’t drift away.
There’s a setting and we want you to stay.
The instruments play same,
but the vocal plays another game.
That’s what usually fascinates:
playing the “same same, yet different” game.

Now, as we go along,
try to reflect about the appeal of music:
What is it that you like
about the music that you like?
Tell me, what is it?
Is it the surprisal?
The catchy jingle?
Or the thing you can’t get at first?

And we bring the power back,
bring it up, make it bounce.
We’ve made your music mind busy,
we wanna upgrade that to dizzy.

Now let us return
to a tune you’ve already heard,
but it’s dissected, it’s redirected,
it is mellow, it’s mellower …

Not a time for something fresh
You see? That’s such an interesting mesh
Please be wondering: “What’s coming next?”
We’ll give you what you don’t expect

Now check out how we unleash the real power
and start building something solid but sweet,
groovy but with gradation.
A feeling of progression,
goin’ upward, slowly to the top.
Are we there yet? No,
‘cause some grooves never wear out,
some grooves simply never wear out!

Are you tired yet?
That was our hidden plan:
Make you wish for relaxation
and thank us when we go:

Stop! Chill, relax
and let us do stuff to you ...
And you’ll see, you will refill.
Yes, let us do some sweet, sweet stuff to you,
‘cause you see you will, eventually refill, believe!

So you think it’s gonna end?
C’mon, no, let’s have a wait.
Take some room to reflect …
and stop at that.
Track Name: Heyday
There are things you should not say
Some say them anyway
How very dare they?!

We kill we feast
And we have fun
We can, we are the one
Will not regret,
it’s not in the plan.

Humanity is such fun
We get the best of every one
Of every one outside this line
Decide to kill than torture‘s fine

Humanity we are the one
Who torture and kill while having fun
We could stop, but why would we?
This is so entertaining.

Oh my god, what have I done?
Killed almost everyone
I torture everyone, but my son

Daddy-o what have you done?!
You’ve killed everyone
My sisters, brothers, friends
I don’t want to be your

Humanity is such fun
We are the beast for everyone
And it’s such fun for everyone
If we say kill torture is fine (outside this line)

Humanity’s heyday
we torture kill … and play
Humanity is very fine
Can’t see the blood (outside this line is not blood)

It’s such fun for everyone
Whole family enjoys it
you should try it too: the amusing things agony can do…

Indeed it's fun for everyone
And the family needs it
Will not think it through
'Cause: what can you do?
Well, you could think it through...

Humanity we are the one
We feed on other creature’s sons
We say we care, but do we?
We make our points as we please.

Humanity’s heyday
we get to torture kill and play
Humanity is very fine
don’t see the blood
Track Name: Six Ate Each Other
6 8 each other

I'll take this bit off
I’ll turn it around
I'll make it a square
These parts I’ll just toss away
…have many units… I can spare.
I know you're able to take only so much,
but I’m willing to restrain only that much.
So here we go: eat charge!
Dr. Medico says your aliveness is mine by law.

6 8 each other
Check the coop and whoop! No remains to dissect our gains
Consumed themselves from head to toe
Something’s missing, yet something’s new
Let’s test this through and through
Bring me fresh 6 please, yes, let’s redo
They 8 each other indeed
We will find a way to make it affirm our creed!

The talk of blame don’t scare me
I cook up rhetoric easily
It eases life and death
It’s the white room’s meth.
Me executing, me didn’t commence…
The cardinal rule is: brain goes for answers,
questions are for the fools, so help me god

They talk life-stock,
it’s only stock to me.
There’s nothing but me I see.
I stock you… hibernation – no frustration
This is intellect: my voice, my muse, my god …
My muse, my god, my … neglect.

6 8 each other
We don’t wobble when we lie
our cynicism robes provide the perfect disguise.
Track Name: Forgive The Weather
Pressure orbing… pulling, bearing on…
Liquid drawing, sinking, coming on…

And Light…oh the light.
You mean like: “light”?
Yes, light. See? You alight.
Yet you malign and despise what’s ever there, ever was…
What your body grew out of.

Forgive. It’s your only end.
Forgive if you can. And if you don’t …
if you can’t, it’ll wait for you.
Weather doesn’t leave … it will wait …
It’ll change, but it will wait.

There’s no time to lose; you cannot lose time.
It began with you and it’s going to go along.
It’s a legato, if we think staccatos;
makes it bitter, less easy to pardon, so please:

Forgive. It’s your best shot, it isn’t hard to do
and it will loosen it up for you.
Forgive the weather for being,
forgive yourself for not forgiving.
It no religion, it’s a skill.
So train, try and … forgive!
Track Name: Sottovento
Picking up the waves will get you there,
no “going to” is needed…
Steps of no length are waiting for your will

Nothing’s remote
No truth to unveil, only truth to hide
Bag of skin is the illusion
the rest is what you really are
And then we like to say: “But this is what has got me goin’ so far.”
Did goin’ goin’ get you to a place to be, yet?

This seems like a home,
but it’s a new protocol,
obscure to the soul.

These dual monologues disguised in dialogues
give loneliness sense
We masters of conclusions fail
to see the one connection
­­­­­translatable into the whole
If I say follow your heart, you’ll rush to categorise,
Convert into dumbness and numbness
wind-talk’s primal talk
Come down to distrust…
…leaving out the way of how you work and are...
…of how it all does.

It reasons, lives and is by itself,
it has a memory of its own
It’s alive, and its face is yours.
If it all is but a being and you’re nothing but its cell…
Then why would you feel so alone? … in mother’s forethought you dwell.
You’re a fractal of the whole,
don’t pretend to be its source;
be the beginner and not the knower.

Susceptible to wind-talk,
know that wind is mute to ego
ever heard by the soul.

Quando parlo non sento la mia voce
ma sento i miei pensieri parlare
E quando penso, invece,
sento i pensieri giocare con la mia voce.
Una miriade di connessioni simultanee di davanti
e di dietro, una sola risposta abbandonata,
in grado di rispondere a tutte le domande poste dall’altro lato.

Doubters laugh to the idea of a whole…
They go: there is no soul! I'm in control!
What I can measure is the world!

Believe that science speaks the words of the world,
but science is never still - it’s ever new -
yet the world is ever so old
- it’s a neurotic in its core…
Knowledge can be a tool for realisation,
if we make it a creed,
we retire and merely succeed:
counting rocks from the sun
This knowledge is a vector
Not knowing where it came from,
its journey hasn’t even begun…

So many findings we see,
there’s but one which lets us be;
Whatever the estimation,
it won't get us to the realisation:
“So above as below; same core...”
So above as below; same core…
Quantums we see, equal marks we ignore.
Some things are felt the more
the less they are seen,
therefore: mind the wind.
Track Name: Good News For The Lost Generation
Can you feel the bonds bond your limbs?
Of course you don’t, they worked their way within.
Shackles, once of body now are of the mind.
Trusting your own volition will not suffice.
Your home, a high tech prison,
ingeniously called freedom.

Still, we have to resist, we have to persist!
One day pawns shall doom the kings.
If only could we overcome; if only they’d free us.
If only...

Stop all broadcasts!
Attention please!
Here's the news of millennia:
Your bosses in the shadow
abandon all power positions and let you be.
Tired of being in charge,
we long for common citizenry.

Have you heard the good news generation lost?
We're free! It's officially ok to turn off the TV.

You most unworthy serfs!
With no will of your own and so easy to mould.
Just complains and no initiative.
We got bored.
Maintain yourselves now with the critique
you practiced for so long.

Good news!
Generation lost.
We're free!
Kill the TV!

This is so exciting,
at last we’re free!
Let’s melt down the shackles,
create whatever we want to be.

Let’s plan and organize, create, provide
whatever comes to mind, give and take, no sacrifice.

Do what needs to be done,
work together as one.
All win, dissatisfaction none.

I do this and you do that
Discipline is our safest bet
That’s what we’ve been waiting for.
I’m doin’ it for you,
don’t wanna be your lord.

We came in with a bang,
won’t go out with a whimper!
It's a quality design!
Do as I say!
It’s the only way!

That promised more than it delivered
...supposed to be a call for freedom.
Born in bondage now free... still no serenity.
I’ve been last, I’ve been first
Have been blessed, now I feel cursed.
Stuck with the same thirst …
Shackles burned, they persist, they turned …
Track Name: Skin Crying For Yin
Patches falling off
A crusted coat...
Hard, used to be soft
before the stream of thought
Feeble vibes and pointy stabs,
lidless night times, a disappointing bed...

The ease with which the plants
adapt to all that is
replaced by constant change.
Do we adapt?
No, I rearrange


The rhyme eases the pain
You are splendid after all
Don't feel shame
You allow the sky,
let the clouds come
and let them pass by.

Skin crying for yin

Don't you know that:
Going for the patch
will carry off the scratch
And it’s OK,
you do take the blame.
and let go, forget all of the shame.

Light another »final« one,
hill bangs again

And scratch, scratch, scratch,
till the last oily patch.

And beyond and over
Hill bangs again
And scratch, scratch, scratch, till the last dry patch

Not attending still?
Still suffering on?
Still not tired yet?
Still waiting for a safer bet?

Skin crying for yin

Construe, not feel?
Work with an endless reel
You will align
Don't worry, it's fine
Track Name: Periods Part 2
I'm a singer...
put me in the sky
Wings get sore sometimes ...
After a while...
descend back I in disguise...
Sad I cry and rejoice after a while,
but again then I cry, again then I...
back again then I... cry…

It is but periods
How could have changed?
Still it I am, essence is same

Why and how did periods change what I was before to what I'm now?
The bitterness I am. Something went wrong… somehow.

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